Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jericho: Trading Cards

"Jericho Season 1 from Inkworks.....This 72 card card set captures the exciting first season of Jericho. Enjoy cards detailing the first season stories lines, characters, and behind the scenes action. Add in great inserts, autographs, pieceworks and autographed pieceworks with a great storyline and you get a great set of cards!!!"

"The WGA strike will cost the regional economy $220 million in damage each month it continues, a regional economic group projected Wednesday.

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. forecast was 10% higher than the group's previous projection of just a month ago (HR 11/21). To date, the seven-week strike has cost the regional economy $342.7 million in lost wages and ripple effects on such businesses as restaurants, hotels and personal-service firms, the LAEDC said."

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