Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jerichon: 2008

Announcing the first step in the planning of Jerichon 2008.


When: May 23, 24, 25, & 26, 2007. Memorial Day Weekend!
Where: Oakley, Kansas
Who: One and All! Jericho Fans, CBS Corporate, Cast and Crew of Jericho, etc.

More announcements coming soon!

"CBS Corp. reports third-quarter earnings Thursday. The following is a summary of key developments and analyst opinion related to the period.

OVERVIEW: CBS still leads the television networks in prime time ratings, although some of its more popular franchises like "CSI" are starting to get old. But for now, the high ratings mean the company can command high advertising rates.

Total ad revenue will probably fall from a year-ago period that was boosted by spending on political ads around Congressional elections."

Jericho: The First Season/Review

Friday, November 2, 2007

Jericho On Hey Nielsen

Jericho is ranked # 4 at Hey Nielsen.

Go here to leave your opinion.

NEWS: Jericho Monster Wins Hey! Nielsen's "Top TV Blog" Contest

"Blogs are the epicenter of online passion, and these TV blogs are taking passion to an entirely new level," explained Pete Blackshaw, EVP of Nielsen Online Strategic Services and a member of the team.
"The common thread across the winners is deep, in-depth, spirited - and sometimes controversial - rants and raves about shows, including those which got cancelled."

"The Nielsen Company says only 13.7 percent of TV households in the U.S. have High-Definition TVs -- and the high-def tuners necessary to watch HD programming.

Additionally, only 11.3 percent have the sets, the tuners and receive at least one HD network or station, the company said.

The numbers may alarm some advertisers and other companies looking to target the high-def audience. There has been a perception among some that the HDTV' audience is larger due to reports that high-def sets are now in 30 million U.S. homes."

Jericho News From Around The Internet

Watching Jericho by Amber

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Plugging Jericho

"A plug for Jericho"

"Jericho is a 2006 CBS TV series which takes place in a small town somewhere in northwest Kansas after a nuclear attack. Who was responsible for the nuclear attack? Was only Denver bombed, or were other cities? You’ll have to watch the series to find out."

Kristin Bell comes to Heroes

"Did you guys see that show Jericho last season? Great show showing a small town surviving a wide spread terrorist nuke strike in the US. The show is filled with political intrigue. Who attacked the country, was it domestic or foreign terrorists, a military coup, China, Iran, or something else?"

"Nielsen is capturing the true voice of the consumer with the launch of their new “Hey Nielsen” social networking website. Designed to capture consumers immediate reactions to television, movie and music programming, the site launched in beta a few weeks ago. Nielsen is the market researcher most responsible for what we end up watching, listening to and going to see. They are not necessarily responsible for what we read however, but more on that later. Nielsen hopes that the Hey Nielsen site becomes the social monitor for all pop culture although my initial experimentation with the site seems to indicate that most people are focused on television."

"Forget Halloween. The real scare for TV viewers and film fans could start this week.

Hollywood writers, whose contract with producers expires tonight, could vote to strike as early as Thursday, though it's far from certain. The writers, in tough negotiations for new-media rights, also could wait as late as June, when actor/director contracts end."

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CBS and Social Media

"While we’re unleashing our lawyers on social networks with slips of paper with big words like “copyright infringement”, we’re also taking in huge new audiences on air and online — social media is actually helping our bottom line. How much? In one major broadcaster’s case, an additional 200,000 viewers in just one month. That company even let their growth secret out of the bag, “YouTube has brought a significant new audience of viewers to each broadcast.” Naughty CBS! They shouldn’t go running their mouths like that.

CBS isn’t the only one seeing growth by engaging in social media.

Couple growing social network interaction with the statistic that almost 70% of internet users watch TV while online and you’ve got a multiple platform experience, where you’re hitting your audience with your message from more than one place. Increased exposure is a great thing in the TV business.

Look up your favourite show in Facebook. Even if it’s a small show, or a canceled show, I bet it has its own fan group, or two, or three! Fans have taken marketing & brand ownership on themselves and are promoting our shows for us. Because they’re doing this through social networks, their friends and friends of friends all see this activity. Increased buzz and exposure (especially from your trusted social networking “friends”) means more brand engagement and often more people watching your show."

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jericho: Veronica Mars Friends

Veronica Mars: Season 4 Clips!
Post by: Sal

"Have you ever thought what the first 10 minutes of the 4th season of Veronica Mars would be life????

Here's your chance!

I found the first 10 minutes of the first episode of what was supposed to be the opening to the 4th season of Veronica Mars. It shows the star of the show and her first day on the FBI Squad. Check it out!

If only the CW had kept this one around. Anyway, ENJOY!"

DVD Review: Veronica Mars - The Complete Third Season

Monday, October 29, 2007

Jericho: Scavenger Hunt

"Scavenger Hunts are a fun thing to do at this time of year and unless I'm mistaken, Jericho Rangers like to have fun!

This one lasts for the entire week - through midnight on Sunday, November 4. Below is a list of Jericho related items.

To play along in the Jericho Scavenger Hunt - find the items throughout the week, take pictures, and post the pictures along with a few (or many) words describing how you found the item / got the picture / what was involved in getting the picture."

Jericho Information For All:

Radio Free Jericho

Jericho Rally Point

Guardians of Jericho

Jericho Times Newsletter

Nuts For Jericho

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Digg Day For Jericho

Terocious says:

Tomorrow is Digg Day. I will get things started at 8AM EST over On the CBS Board. We have some really great folks coming up with original Content for your Digging pleasure. It should be both informative and fun. Hope to see you there.

Many thanks to Jericho Kansas Inc.(Gwen) for the newsletter which says:

"Terocious has set up:
Sunday October the 28th as the first official Jericho Digg Day.

Digg Day will be a fandom wide effort to Digg Jericho related content on multiple Digg Sites around the web.

Here is a link of the list of sites to digg:

Most of you seasoned veterans are already accomplished Diggers but for those of you who are not check out the link to below.


I just recently learned how to digg, and it is fairly simple so please join in."

From The Jericho Bulletin:

"It wasn’t all that long ago that a show’s success was measured exclusively by its ratings.

Today, prime-time hits are no longer simply shows. They have become small businesses that generate multiple revenue streams—from program sales and home video to download-to-own and consumer products—for the networks and studios that produce, air and distribute them.

And as viewers have taken charge of when and where they watch shows, studio and network executives have had to invent new promotion and marketing strategies to manage these prime-time hits."