Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jericho: Can You Digg It ?

Auntvonna is the Monster Fan of the Week

How To Submit A Story To Digg:

I've noticed that a lot of people don't seem to know what to do if they are the first person to try to Digg an article and the Digg has not yet been set up. It's really simple so here are the steps for you:

When you click on the Digg button after reading an article you may be taken to a page where you will see that you are the first person to Digg it so you must submit the story. It's very simple.

1. You will be asked for the title of the story. The URL will be right above that space so you can usually get the title from that.
2. You write a brief little bit as to what the story is about.
3. Scroll down to categories and choose TV.
4. Scroll down and you find one of those boxes where you type in the code which shows you aren't a bot.
5. You may come to a page that says similar stories have been submitted. None of them will be the one you're entering so scroll down and hit the Submit button and you're all done.

" It's an exciting—and confusing—time for watching TV online. The big broadcast networks have finally embraced streaming video and digital downloads, and they're trying all kinds of strategies to get you to tune in, including free (but commercial-laden) Web-based video and for-pay downloads over iTunes and Amazon."

"Kid Nation," the controversial CBS reality show, is currently in the process of casting a second season and scouting locations. However, the search for a suitable spot has the producers contemplating a move to another country next year.
After suffering a barrage of bad press before the premiere in which the show was blasted for putting children in danger and possibly violating child labor issues, the show's producers are having a hard time finding a location in the U.S. willing to host the production, according to published reports."

Friday, October 5, 2007

Jericho And More Jericho

Margie and Edna Visit Kystorms:
She called us Grande Dames!

Jericho DVD # 15 at Barnes & Noble

Jericho Junction on Fanpop
See here.

"Love Triangle: To Connect With Consumers, Brands Must Intersect With Online Communities, Too"

Made me think of Jericho.

"What time and day of the week would you like to see Jericho come back on at?"

Go here.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fall Ratings Surprise

Photo courtesy of RubberPoultry. Thanks.

"Thanks to a rule change this season by Nielsen Media Research, NBC was able to add viewers from a Saturday replay of "Heroes" while throwing out a low-rated primetime hour. While the other networks cried foul, "Heroes" jumped to 17 million viewers and a 7.3 rating/17 share in the adults 18-49 for the Monday broadcast, a significant change from last week's preliminary estimate of 14.1 million viewers and a 6.5/17."

"Close watchers of the site have been asking us about the downward change in the Rankings and Hey! Nielsen Score overnight. Was it a ripple in the stock market?! No, just us in Beta. Our team will be making many refinements, additions and improvements to the factors that make up the Hey! Nielsen Score during this period."

Fall Ratings Surprises

"A select crop of heavily buzzed fall shows have premiered to merely average ratings in recent weeks, prompting industry head-scratching. The titles had fair-to-great press coverage and strong research tracking numbers to indicate significant pre-air viewer interest. Keep in mind this is very early in the season, all are considered viable and have the potential to gain in the coming weeks. Still, it's worth asking: What happened?"

"Love Triangle: To Connect With Consumers, Brands Must Intersect With Online Communities, Too"

Made me think of Jericho.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welome To Jericho

Rich at Copywrite Ink announces his top quarterly posts:

"Every quarter, we publish a recap of our five most popular communication-related posts, based on the frequency and the immediacy of hits after they were posted. While we base this on individual posts, some are related to larger case studies."

DVD Review

"DVR Viewing Delays Clear Ratings Picture "

"The broadcast networks were in a holding pattern last week, as the hefty DVR
viewing of their premiere-week shows made it nearly impossible in the short term to determine actual viewership levels and the true success or failure of the new slates.

Making the situation more complex is the fact that Nielsen (a sister company of Adweek) is not expected to release its live-plus-three-day-commercial-ratings data—the currency in which nearly all advertisers used to get their viewership guarantees—until Oct. 15."

Watching Jericho
Thanks Amber

"Changes at Nielsen: Rating Representation and Surveillance

Nielsen have been pretty active recently, with announcements, changes, and additions left, right, and center."

HeyNielsen Blog:

"Organized groups of fans are repeatedly rating a single topic or creating multiple/duplicate posts that are clearly designed to force their favorites to the top of our Rankings. (It's important to note that the Hey! Nielsen Rankings and the Hey! Nielsen Score have zero impact, influence, or connection to the Nielsen TV Ratings, even though this site is run by the same company.)"

"After alienating media buyers with its secretive run-up to Kid Nation, CBS is now openly courting Madison Avenue with an advertising jingle contest show."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's Jericho DVD Day!!

"Tomorrow is the next Red-Letter Day for helping to Save Jericho! Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, tomorrow is the release date for Jericho:The First Season on DVD, and just like during the Nuts Campaign, We Need You!...this is just as important as the Nuts Campaign in showing Nina Tassler and the rest of CBS that we are serious in wanting to save our show."

"...don’t forget that every sale of this is as good as having a Nielsen Box in your house in sending out a message that just because we won our seven episodes during the Nuts Campaign doesn’t mean that we are going to rest on our laurels for getting a third season."

"Customer Affinity: How to get it, what to do with it"

"How would you like to be in the recent position of CBS executives, cancelling the drama “Jericho,” then receiving 25 tons of peanuts as fans say “nuts” to your decision? Can any company really afford to turn their backs on delighted customers to such an extent that it becomes a news item?"

Greetings from the Guardians of Jericho!

Prior to JERICHON 2007, the Guardians of Jericho announced a fan-fic short story contest for which the winner would receive an autographed script for Ep. #22: WHY WE FIGHT. Unfortunately, due to computer difficulties, all but one entry for the contest was lost, and therefore, the contest was canceled. However! One of the first goals for the GoJ was to reinstitute that contest, and thus the GoJ Board is both pleased and proud to once more offer a short story competition to win that signed script.


Starting: 01 October 2007 Ending: 15 October 2007
Winner Announced: 31 Oct 2007
Go here for details.

#74 in DVD (See Bestsellers in DVD)

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#1 in DVD > Television > By Decade > 1990s and Newer > Jericho
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#35 in DVD > Television > TV Series

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jericho: Season 1 DVD

Step right up! Get your DVD's! On sale tomorrow! Sales Rank: #79 in DVD (See Bestsellers in DVD)

Popular in these categories: (What's this?)
#1 in DVD > Television > By Decade > 1990s and Newer > Jericho
#31 in DVD > Boxed Sets > Television
#46 in DVD > Television > TV Series


Jericho - The First Season [DVD]

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Jericho - The First Season (DVD)
Widescreen; 5-Disc Set;Closed Captioning

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jericho: Home Run

"Not since they sold the New York Yankees to George Steinbrenner has CBS hit such a home run while swinging blindfolded. "Jericho" is a cultural phenomenon that inspires the imagination and brings tears of joy in more than a few episodes. Almost single handedly, the writers and producers of "Jericho" have restored at least a small measure of confidence in what network TV actually could be – moral, intelligent, family-oriented and visionary."

Rich of Copywrite Ink discusses HeyNielsen with comments on Jericho.

"It took less than a day for fans to see what Hey! Nielsen really is — a social network that asks “users” (a word that is well past its prime) to pile into the school gymnasium and have a shouting match. Those with the biggest lungs win. And those with the most outrageous comments get the most attention."

From The Turkish Daily News:

"Jericho: The day before tomorrow"

"The people of small town Jericho see the nuclear cloud in the horizon, and that’s how the TV series ‘Jericho’ makes its debut. Has the world come to an end? That’s for the folks of Jericho and the devoted audience to find out"

"Nielsen May Change Controversial Policy on Processing of Multiple Airings"

"Nielsen is considering changing its much-criticized new policy of allowing networks to report multiple airings of the same show - when run with the same commercial content - as a single rating, writes Broadcasting & Cable.

The reconsideration follows a firestorm of criticism when NBC decided to repeat Monday's season premiere of Heroes on Saturday and to count both shows as a single airing. By doing so, NBC benefitted not only because it gets a higher rating for a single episode, but because the move essentially eliminates a Saturday night hour that is generally one of the lowest rated hours of the week."