Saturday, December 8, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

Jericho: Season 1 Marathon

"From Waukesha to Hollywood, Brad Beyer’s natural talent has driven his acting career to a new level including a main role on a TV drama series."

"UNIVERSAL HD channel is going to air JERICHO season 1 starting Sat. Dec. 15th @ 5pm pst. in what appears to be a marathon of selected episodes and will also reair on Sun. Dec. 16th @ 11am pst."

"Working as a Sound Effects Editor at Smart Post Sound in Burbank, California, Eric crafts the audio for these hits and more, including Jericho and Crossing Jordan. Catching up with him halfway through the new TV season, he was able to give us a deeper look at the fast-paced world of broadcast audio."


FEB 12th 2008


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ho Ho Ho: Jericho Returns !


FEB 12th 2008

10pm! EST

"A new report from Nielsen shows young adults are increasingly watching TV at times other than their original broadcasts — on devices that aren't TVs, reports Mediaweek.

56 percent of those studied, ages 18-34, say they catch up on missed episodes of a show online, on portable devices or using a DVR:"

"Nielsen has partnered with Digimarc to digitally "watermark" or fingerprint video clips from media companies circulating on the Internet. Clips would have a unique ID and specific rules could be assigned to govern their uploading and distribution accordingly, to prevent copyright infringement."

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas In Jericho

ANNOUNCING: Christmas In Jericho Fan Fiction Contest

Starting: December 1, 2007 Ending: December 15, 2007

Winner Announced: December 20, 2007

Jericho Returns. Thanks Amy.

Jericho Kansas Inc. (JKI) is pleased to announce:

Our website is now open. Visit us at Registration on our site allows you to be eligible for our drawings. You can register on our home page. Please remember to complete the verification of the registration process.

Lots O Links at Jericho Junction.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Jericho: Copywrite Ink

I would like to thank Rich at Copywrite Ink for the beautiful post he wrote yesterday.

"Most people have heard how fans banded together and convinced CBS to reverse its decision to cancel Jericho, a post nuclear terrorist attack survival drama, with 20 tons of nuts (among other things). Many know that Jericho is now set to be highlighted in 2008 as one of the few shows with any episodes for the new season.

But this story isn’t as big as all that. And perhaps for that reason, it shines twice as bright.

On Mon., Nov. 26, popular Jericho blogger and dedicated fan Jane Sweat put out a plea to fellow fans that she was desperate and needed help. Her 11-month-old retriever, Boo, had been housed at a shelter, waiting to be adopted after Sweat had moved from her home with plans to sell it.

What will they lend, share, or say? This single story of kindness seems to go a long way, at least for me. Social media can be astounding; you just need to look in the least likely but right places — like a Jericho blog where you can find the story of someone, recently displaced from her home, making the effort to save her best friend, and the fans who made it possible. Amazing."