Saturday, December 22, 2007

Golden Globes And Mistletoe

"Well, they’ve gone and decided to do it: the WGA will picket the Golden Globes.

A spokesman for the Guild confirmed on Tuesday, just a day after it was announced that a waiver for Golden Globes writers would not be forthcoming, that the group will indeed picket the awards ceremony on January 13. This is assuming the strike is still going on by then – but does anyone really think it won’t be at this point? The upshot of this is that many celebrities due to be honored at the ceremony most likely will be no-shows since they won’t want to cross the picket line. There’s talk that security could be arranged the same way as it is for the Oscars, which requires a special pass to get anywhere near the theater, so that the picketers are relegated a few blocks away from the theater. It’ll still be a media spectacle, nevertheless."

"While it may be nice to run into your sweetie under the mistletoe, this traditional holiday plant can be potentially toxic to our animal companions.

Found throughout the United States, American mistletoe is actually a parasitic plant that lives off a variety of different tree species. If ingested in large enough quantities, mistletoe can potentially produce gastrointestinal irritation, excessive thirst and urination, a drop in blood pressure and heart rate, seizures, coma and even death in pets."

Friday, December 21, 2007

Jericho: Having A Party

Mark your calendars. Set your online reminders. Tell your friends. Write yourself a note and put it somewhere that you will find it at the beginning of February.

What’s the occasion? According to the CBS website, Jericho returns to CBS on Tuesday February 12, 2008 at 10 PM.

I wonder how many devoted fans will host Jericho parties that night. There’s an idea! Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate the return of the best show on television with your best friends? Here’s a list of Jericho party suggestions."

As for Jericho, while it's "Nuts" campaign gave it a very short seven episode second season, the fact that it's only seven episodes means that the networks weren't too confident that ratings would increase, and I don't know that I am either. Maybe the strike absence of most of the bigger shows this winter will help more people give it a try. One can only hope as this post-apocalyptic drama had a lot of heart and a sense of hope that most shows of its type lack.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jericho: More Than Ratings

"If TV metrics have taught us anything in 2007, it's that a show's success can no longer be measured by who's watching it on TV alone. Exhibit A: The CW's full-season pickup of "Gossip Girl," a teen soap with mediocre Nielsen ratings that consistently holds the top spot on iTunes' weekly most-downloaded-shows list. Exhibit B: CBS's second-season order for "Jericho," an apocalyptic drama initially canceled by the network but revived after the show's online fans sent CBS thousands of nuts in protest."

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Media Predict And TheTwoCents

Looks like a good promotional tool to me:

"We at Media Predict have just discovered the HD re-runs of "Jericho" on UniversalHD -- and the show is fantastic!

We wanted to give you the chance to place your bets on whether "Jericho" will survive to see another season. We certainly hope it does. Take a look at if interested.

Media Predict is a prediction market game for movies, TV, music and more. You can buy low and sell high and make a fortune in fantasy money. It's a lot of fun -- and the predictions we generate are almost always right. We hope you'll stop by and check it out."

"Don't you always find you are talking about TV shows, forwarding fun links, or debating certain issues with everyone ...well, let everyone be a part of the action! TheTwoCents is now your spot for TV news, recaps, interviews and more! We also offer a side helping of Pop Culture, Movies, Music, Sports, whatever! Post Comments everywhere. Let the world know what you think! Give them your own Two Cents!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Most Googled: Jericho

"Here are some of the most watched, most downloaded, and most enjoyed search queries of the year. All of these searches had the largest volume on in the U.S.

1. Heroes (NBC)
2. Lost (ABC)
3. House (FOX)
4. 24 (FOX)
5. Bones (FOX)
6. Jericho (CBS)
7. Reba (CW)
8. Scrubs (NBC)
9. Greek (ABC)
10. Caveman (ABC)"

" Jericho - With the new, second season of Jericho coming soon, CBS should air the first season once more in prime-time and promote it in a big way. They did this during the summer, but it was right around July 4th when many potential viewers were not watching television. Run it again now to get the attention it deserves and bring in new viewers ready to make the second season of Jericho a success."

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jericho: Solutions For Fans

Remember this article by Rich of Copywrite Ink? His purpose in writing this post, Rich says, is "to fast-track some solutions for Jericho fans and CBS with seven points and hopefully turn the largest show cancellation protest into the beginnings of a long-running series with more mileage than anyone imagined, fans included."

This post is as helpful now as it was last June. I especially like this one:

"Solution Four: Add Value. Being co-called “partners” with CBS is a misnomer. There is no question that the fan base, at the moment, is supporting a CBS show (or “half” show, considering CBS only bought seven episodes), but Jericho fans really need to distinguish themselves as an independent group. As such, it is your primary goal is to add value to the organization and not necessarily CBS. If fans can add value to the organization beyond the show and actually engage consumers, you have a much more marketable product for prospects, who will inevitability watch and support the show anyway. Add value and members and you’ll also get your own sponsors (there’s a nut company that might even have interest in this). CBS might even jump in too, but stress your autonomy if it does."

Go back and read it again. You might learn something new. I did. Thanks Rich.