Saturday, August 25, 2007

TV Has Changed: Les Moonves

"Nielsen: Number of TV Households up 1.3%
More Viewers Are Older, Which Means They'll Likely Watch More"

"Nielsen's numbers show the large generation of baby boomers migrating into older demographic groups. One of the fastest-growing categories was persons between the ages of 55 and 64, a group that grew 3.9%. The number of young adults, however, grew by just 0.3% from last season."

YooHoo! Les!! Look at this!! My goodness! Could you tell us again why you want 18-49? Look who's watching TV more. Seems to me you need to get with the program. It's a whole new TV world today.

"A Wish List: What Jericho Fans Hope For from CBS’ ‘Fan Central’"
Memless has done an excellent job of expressing what's good and what needs to be changed for Fan Central to become more for fans.

Get an episode of Jericho dedicated to GaTravelGal

A Lost Ranger: Jericho Fans Mourn the Loss of GaTravelGal

"'Jericho' Creates it's own Internet Buzz"

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jericho,Taxes, and DVR's

Poor Les Moonves: I know now why Jericho's budget was cut.

Les, we would like to help you by offering you several opportunities to lessen your tax burden. How much would you like to contribute to DVD's for the Troops? How about some of your cuff links to auction off to buy prizes for the contests Rangers have come up with to help promote Jericho? You'd be amazed at all the ways we can tell you how to contribute.
Put those state and local taxes you don't pay into something worthwhile.

Moonves Likes DVR's?
"CBS's CEO Les Moonves jumped on the "we love DVRs" bandwagon, making the usual network argument: DVR owners watch more TV content than non-DVR owners."
What happened to watching "live TV only?"

Jericho starts in January??

Beautiful video from xrammy for GaTravelGal

I have enough subscribers to start my newsletter but I'd like suggestions on what you'd like to see. Now I don't know yet how to add pictures and I'm learning about HTML so nothing fancy please. I don't want it to be just a recap of my blogs although I would use a few things.
I'd like to get fan submissions like fan fiction or short articles-anything original.
Ideas? Suggestions? I'd like to mail out about Sept.1.

The Watcher-Jericho Mention by Maureen Ryan

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Start The Day With Jericho

"CBS Was Warned on ‘Kid Nation,’ Documents Show"

Many thanks to maybei who kindly agreed to let me post her wonderful poem:

With morning coffee everyday
I start things off the Jericho way

First I start with a daily vote
To keep up the numbers and promote

After that I go and DIGG
Take a break and have a cig

Then I might play a game
Who's been captured? Name that Name

Post a message, take a poll
Spread the Jericho Spirit is my goal

It only takes a little time
Not much longer than to make this rhyme

Sounds like a good way to start every day!! Thanks!

Jericho: An Illustration of Our Deepest Fears

In Memoriam: GaTravelGirl

She will be missed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jericho and Turteltaub

"Turteltaub inks deal with CBS Par TV"

I hope this is good new for Jericho too.

Nuciferous: "Shaun Daily of Blogtalkradio, covers some of the action on the first day of shooting season two of JERICHO. Shaun speaks with some of the cast and gets some more teasers for all of JERICHO nuts."

Jerichon 2007

Early Bird Registration time is running out, so make sure you check out the website and fill out the registration form-it is in both snail mail & online format. THERE'S ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS LEFT-SO HURRY!

Jericho article

I've been doing interviews on my other blog JerichoMonster so I was happy to see this posting today by Rich at Copywrite Ink.
It's amazing what some people will charge for giving an interview. It's equally amazing that some reporters are not always honest in their pursuit of an interview.

Ride For Your Life
Some more news links from starting ride: wearing jersey in ALL of them
Gary Gianetti wearing Jericho jersey while riding.
Please digg or comment on these articles. Thanks.,0,2938839.story

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jericho Smorgasbord

Just a small survey. Your opinions are important. What do you like/dislike about Fan Central? What types of items would you like to see when you go there? What would attract new fans?
Go here to respond. Thanks.

The Jericho Times newsletter has over 650 subscribers and is sent out every Wednesday. Submissions of news, fan initiatives and updates on activities on the fan community boards are both welcome and appreciated. Weekly deadline for submissions to is Tuesday at 4:00pm.

Our Fan of the Week is terocious.
I first noticed terocious in the "Passions" thread. He is very friendly and welcoming and loves Jericho. In the past week he has seemed to branch out. I see his comments posted in various places and he can Digg with the best of us. He has also been submitting stories to Digg and I've seen him out on other threads much more often. Thank you terocious!

Jericho Recap-A.K.A

Who? Dr. Who? Lennie James?

Article about Jericho, RealPlayer, and ads.

Jericho Trading Cards

A blurb about Jericho.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jericho Fantasy Games

Save Bob's Family Campaign

Skeeterbit thought it would be a fun idea to send some play money and a note to Bob Stevenson after reading the production blog.

The idea is for you guys to post messages to Bob. I will do up a note, include some play money, and send it off on behalf of all of us at RFJ. I'd like to get some more responses so we can send it out soon.

I'm always scampering around trying to find anything Jericho and, today, I found something I hadn't seen before. It's a
great website from AndiMn of CBS board. Good draw for new fans. It's called Rejected Reality. Check it out here.

What a really fun idea!

What we are going to do is role play in the Jericho world a bit. Everyone is going to create a character. This character can be a representative of the real you, a complete fantasy, or a little bit of both.

Then, we are going to go through all the episodes one by one, starting with the Pilot. We will talk amongst each other in the voices of these characters. More details and general rules will be forthcoming.

To have a story, we need go here to fill out the character survey.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

RadioFreeJericho Is Back

Bib can be found at CafePress.

Rich of Copywrite Ink Hits Nail On Head Yet Again!!

"The Jericho Effect"

Thanks to Rourke for bringing this to my attention:

"The Two Things To Know Before Your City is Nuked By Terrorists"

Message from Mary (Openminded1)at RFJ:
Hello all! For those who have missed us due to technical difficulties
week, we are back!!! We have updated our software, giving users more
security, the ability to post attachments, enjoy a better PM system,
much much more.
We have lots of fun things going on right now, and lots more to come
We have appreciated everyone's patience while we have been working to
RFJ better than ever!

More problems for CBS regarding "Kid Nation"

mahafney has a new cool video:

Jericho - Jake - Savin' Me

You can view more of her videos here.