Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jericho and Turteltaub

"Turteltaub inks deal with CBS Par TV"

I hope this is good new for Jericho too.

Nuciferous: "Shaun Daily of Blogtalkradio, covers some of the action on the first day of shooting season two of JERICHO. Shaun speaks with some of the cast and gets some more teasers for all of JERICHO nuts."

Jerichon 2007

Early Bird Registration time is running out, so make sure you check out the website and fill out the registration form-it is in both snail mail & online format. THERE'S ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS LEFT-SO HURRY!

Jericho article

I've been doing interviews on my other blog JerichoMonster so I was happy to see this posting today by Rich at Copywrite Ink.
It's amazing what some people will charge for giving an interview. It's equally amazing that some reporters are not always honest in their pursuit of an interview.

Ride For Your Life
Some more news links from starting ride: wearing jersey in ALL of them
Gary Gianetti wearing Jericho jersey while riding.
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