Thursday, August 23, 2007

Start The Day With Jericho

"CBS Was Warned on ‘Kid Nation,’ Documents Show"

Many thanks to maybei who kindly agreed to let me post her wonderful poem:

With morning coffee everyday
I start things off the Jericho way

First I start with a daily vote
To keep up the numbers and promote

After that I go and DIGG
Take a break and have a cig

Then I might play a game
Who's been captured? Name that Name

Post a message, take a poll
Spread the Jericho Spirit is my goal

It only takes a little time
Not much longer than to make this rhyme

Sounds like a good way to start every day!! Thanks!

Jericho: An Illustration of Our Deepest Fears

In Memoriam: GaTravelGirl

She will be missed.

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