Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why Canadians Can't Watch Innertube

Why Canadians Can’t Watch Innertube
I was wrong thinking CBS wouldn't allow it.

From Hollywood Charity Auction:
Jericho Set Visit On Auction
This package contains:

* Set Visit for Two (2) to watch production of JERICHO!
* Meet the cast, take photos
* Filmed in Van Nuys, CA (Los Angeles)
* Must take visit BEFORE September 20, 2007
* Tax Deduction for every dollar over $1000 bid

"Lines can be crossed as blog power surges" (Mentions Jericho)
From Hollywood Reporter

"Kid Nation' parents: What were they thinking?"

What Is RIOT?

"CBS RIOT, 1-800-Flowers Call for Entries to ‘Fields’ Contest"

Friday, August 17, 2007

What Food Would Skeet Be ?

A video segment from TV Guide about how the fans saved JERICHO. Interviews with Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) and Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green). Skeet gives a little teaser at the end with what’s to come in Season 2.1 of JERICHO.

Pass the Peanut Marathon-- Please vote here.


Thanks to judist63 for starting a cute thread at CBS. The title is: If your favorite character from Jericho was a food what food would it be?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Jericho Fridays and Jericho Contest

New Contest:


Pick the exact DAY OF THE WEEK, DATE and TIME you think Season 2 will begin airing.

For more info and prize go here.

Jericho Fridays from Cultural Learnings

What are Jericho Fridays?

Well, they're a day when Cultural Learnings' devotes its coverage to Jericho news, Jericho Rerun Reports as well as looking back on old articles and reflecting on the campaign's past and future.

Trading cards for Season One have been produced and are ready to be shipped.
The site is:

For French and European orders contact Alain Dailly who is the director of that region:

France has a nice Jericho Fansite

Jericho In Spain

I am looking for some people who would be willing to do a fan interview for my blog. I'm looking for people from:
Canada Germany France Spain Austria UK Ireland

That's for starters. Other countries are also welcome. As long as you can read and write English.

If interested you may email me at Thanks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jericho: Germany, Australia, and Canada

Greetings to all Jericho Fans in Germany

I received this note from a German fan (Ryo) today:

"It's very important for us to see the series on TV. Unlike in the states, there is no DVD release scheduled in Germany."

They need the DVD over there too! Look at his website and click on the flag for English.

Also, Greetings to all Jericho fans in Australia.

Here's an article from over there:

"Viewers left in the dark"

It says, in part,

"It begs the question, what would it take for network executives to peek out from behind their ratings charts and stop counting their advertising dollars and check out what us viewers have to say?
Surely it shouldn't take a pile of nuts to effect some change . . .
So we here at AdelaideNow are handing the power over to you: if you were in charge of any one given network what programming peeve would you like to see changed?"

I'll ask the same question now. What programming peeve would you like to see changed?
Just leave a comment.

Greetings to fans of Jericho in Canada:

I asked a Canadian fan today what Canadians want when it comes to Jericho. He said, "We want to be counted." This, he said, means by Innertube or Nielsen."

His reasoning is sound. He says, "Montreal is about 45 min from the N.Y. border and we all watch American networks. I watch Jericho on W.C.A.X- Vermont and we see an ad that says.."If you have missed any CBS show, go to and watch "...(innertube) When I try, A message pops up and says sorry, It's for U.S. viewers only!!!!! This just ticks me right off!!!"

It would make me mad too because like he adds, "So many Canadian dollars are spent in places such as Plattsburg N.Y. or Burlington VT. There are buses that leave here just to take you shopping in these cities. When it comes to T.V. sorry you don't count!!!! It's not like I am on the other side of the world!!!"

Come on, CBS. They can watch on American TV, buy the products you advertise, and can't be counted or use Innertube. Where do you see "CBS Cares" in that?

Jericho is loved around the world. Imagine having the hardships to see it that our fellow fans do.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nuts For Jericho Video Challenge

THE Master List .....Presents:


Make a trailer, a promo or a slide-show movie for the promotion of the new season!
Have fun with it. Show us your nutty creative side! Go here and see what its all about! Enter soon!!!

The contest is open to videos that were made after August 1st
and the contest will stop taking videos on August 25!
On the 26-31 of August it will be the fans chance to vote for a winner!

Here is the prize!!

The contest is on NFJ in conjunction with the master list,the largest video archive Jericho has to offer, with over 170 Jericho videos and counting!

You can't win if you don't enter!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ashley Scott and Jericho Fansites

Here's a little something for my friend xrammy. He is a huge Ashley Scott fan. Hope he hasn't seen this before. Enjoy! He's melting.
Go here rammy-if your heart can take it.

It's been a slow day for Jericho news today so I checked out some fansites. I hope you like them. There are more that I expected.

My Little Site: Jericho

The Jericho Spot



My Fandoms

Lots of Skeet

Shoshannah Stern

Sunday, August 12, 2007

For Jericho Kids of All Ages

Kids For Jericho

This page is educational in nature, and very fun for us big kids too. The content is hers, and the great web design was done by our own Maybei.

Monster Jericho Fan of the Week

Each week a Jericho fan will be selected to be the Spotlight fan at RFJ (Homepage) and will also be featured on my blog JerichoMonster.

The Fan of the Week will be a person who is a team player,actively participates in efforts to promote Jericho, is helpful and active on the board. For example, this person may start helpful threads, comment and Digg, encourage others, offer ideas on how to promote Jericho, and so on. There will also be random factors involved so increase your visibility and that of Jericho and you may be the Fan of the Week.

You may nominate someone but please explain what they have done that you feel qualifies them for Fan of the Week. There will not be a vote but you may nominate.

Our first fan of the Week will be announced on Friday August 17th.

Rich at Copywrite Ink:
"Mixing Messages: CBS To Jericho Fans"
Excellent article.

Ratings for 8/10- Football on CBS didn't do so well.

Jericho Fans Keep On Giving

Brand New. Opened Today. Jericho!
Photos, videos, and more.