Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why Canadians Can't Watch Innertube

Why Canadians Can’t Watch Innertube
I was wrong thinking CBS wouldn't allow it.

From Hollywood Charity Auction:
Jericho Set Visit On Auction
This package contains:

* Set Visit for Two (2) to watch production of JERICHO!
* Meet the cast, take photos
* Filmed in Van Nuys, CA (Los Angeles)
* Must take visit BEFORE September 20, 2007
* Tax Deduction for every dollar over $1000 bid

"Lines can be crossed as blog power surges" (Mentions Jericho)
From Hollywood Reporter

"Kid Nation' parents: What were they thinking?"

What Is RIOT?

"CBS RIOT, 1-800-Flowers Call for Entries to ‘Fields’ Contest"

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