Saturday, December 1, 2007

Loving Boo

Here's a picture of my Boo as a baby. Just a brief update then I'll be back on Monday.

I was able to spend all day with Boo and we had a wonderful time. It was an early Christmas for us.

She is now on her way to Indiana but we'll be reunited as soon as possible.

Thank all of you who made this happen. I am forever grateful.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jericho:Saving Boo

I have decided to wait until Monday to go back to my regular blogging. My real life circumstances have been taking all my time and I can't work on the blogs right now.

I am speaking of the campaign to save my dog Boo. You can read the story here if you missed it.

The good news is that, once again, some kind, compassionate Jericho fans banded together and worked with me on a solution. The best news is that Boo has been saved. She has a new foster home and will be going there on Sat.

There is still work to be done so we will continue. I will post daily updates.

Thank you all. Donations welcome for the expenses of moving her.

Monday, November 26, 2007

JerichoMonster: Need Help

Tues. Update:

A wonderful Jericho fan has agreed to foster my dog until I can work my situation out to get her back. We are in the process of working out transport from here in Alabama to her home in Indiana.

At this time it appears we need to send her by air. We've had several donations and I thank those donors with all my heart.

If you know of anyone who does transports or if you would like to donate it would be most appreciated. We don't have much time.

You will find a donation button on the right side of the page at:

Thank you all.

Please see an urgent post from me here:

If you have any ideas or information please contact me at

Thanks in advance.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jericho On Facebook

"Facebook has unleashed Jericho applications for Facebook. Basically it acts like a chain letter where you invite 20 of your Facebook friends to join the Jericho group. Everyone needs to get on this ASAP, I already invited 20 friends, hopefully that 20 friends will invite 20 more friends and so on."

Thanks to Amy of Remote Access for posting this:

"Want to know how many new episodes are left of each of your favorite shows? There are several folks out there working hard to get you this information.

First off, we have this nifty graphic on, thanks to the Associated Press. Choose your day and find out where your shows stand. Not all shows have been updated, but the graphic is interactive and updates each day."