Saturday, September 22, 2007

CBS and The Storm

" Moonves likes CBS in eye of storm"

“We need to push the envelope,” Moonves said during the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club lunch at the Boston Harbor Hotel. “If we’re not creating some sort of controversy, we’re probably not doing our job right.”

CBS chief says Rather claims are 'old news'

"Moonves spoke more freely about his company's plans to maintain its relationship with Apple Computer Corp.'s iTunes service, even as top competitor NBC pulled its content off the service last month. NBC wanted more control over the price of its shows on iTunes and ultimately made a deal to offer its shows via's Unbox download service. Yesterday, NBC said it will offer free downloads directly from its website, though consumers would not be able to move content to devices like iPods and could not skip commercials."

"For CBS, it's
sticking with what works"

** It's about time**

"But after several failed attempts, CBS is once again embracing its core audience when the new season begins on Monday. Its schedule remains largely unchanged from last season and firmly geared to 25-54s."

Jericho update

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jericho On IMDb

Jericho On IMBd

The Trek Movie Report
Mentions Jericho

Audit of Nielsen's

Interesting reading.

"Thoughts On Disaster Survival"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jericho and Jeritopia

Spoiler TV/Jericho
New Cast Member

"CBS previews kids' reality show in news
They're very dramatic about everything."

Will Jericho make it to Season 3?

Vote here.

So, drop into Jeritopia for Jericho Trivia, Blackjack Hangman, Whose Line Was That, Anyway? or Word Scramble!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yahoo Group: Jericho and Nielsen

Please join my Yahoo group:

This group is for the discussion of Nielsen ratings and their impact on the cancellation of various TV shows. No show is safe as long as Nielsen ratings are used by the networks. We will discuss shows that have been or may be cancelled plus news, links, and what we can all do to make our own impact on the networks and Nielsen. We should all be counted!

If you would like to be interviewed for JerichoMonster please email me



"Jericho is saved, help keep it alive"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nutty Fans, Critics, and Promos

Jericho: Why We Fight, the final recap by

Can You Answer This Question?
If so, please leave a comment.

Why didn't Rob Hawkins use his internet capabilities to tap into satellites to see what was going on throughout the country or world even? The dish he had may not have reached that far, but he had some type of internet capabilities that may have allowed him to tap into a satellite in another country.

Do you know the answer?

What Have Nutty Fans Been Up To?

"Coming This Fall: A New Breed of Promo"

"The critics aren't watching 'Kid Nation'...yet"

One of the most talked-about new series, CBS' "Kid Nation," will not be reviewed by critics before it premieres Wednesday.

The network has opted not to send out screeners for the controversial reality series, in which 40 children spend 40 days in a formerly deserted New Mexico mining town."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Germany Wants Jericho DVD

News from 23rd August 2007/Germany

Production Manager Torsten Nobst of Paramount Germany announced the people of last week, that there WILL BE a german Jericho DVD.
Yesterday (Wednesday) the Team of had the chance to talk to Torsten Nobst. He told us that it ISNT planned to release a german Jericho DVD. Paramount Germany is going to release the german version of the DVD, only if there are orders from the American Mother company and that didn't happen yet.

So the team made another petition to get us the DVD as soon as possible...
We would be really glad if you could help us again and sign the petition.

"Jericho' Fans Flock To Kansas For Convention"

"There may be no real Jericho, Kansas ... but at least for this weekend, Oakley is close enough."

"Q. ABC has signed Lost for another three seasons but what night is it going to be airing? According to the TV commercials, Wednesday's lineup is booked. Same thing goes for Jericho. I am a loyal fan of both shows. — R.A.G., Hollywood

A. Neither ABC nor CBS has locked in a time period for Lost and Jericho, respectively. Don't fret over fully booked lineups. Neither of your favorites is scheduled to return until midseason and there will be cancellations galore within weeks of the start of the official Nielsen season on Sept. 24. ABC has three new series penciled in on Wednesday, the most likely night for Lost's return. History teaches that an all-new night almost never works, because there is no established series to bring traffic to the network. Jericho has only a seven-episode order, so CBS has many options, including using it as a buffer between the two editions of Survivor. I'm not saying this is the plan but it is one of the options."

Sunday, September 16, 2007

CBS: Free Download of Fall Shows

"Download New Fall TV Shows From NBC & CBS for Free at Amazon"

"As CBS' Cash Shrinks, So May Its Stock"


"Winter Park girl, her mom defend CBS' "Kid Nation"

Lisa Coultrup/Jericho Recap