Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nutty Fans, Critics, and Promos

Jericho: Why We Fight, the final recap by

Can You Answer This Question?
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Why didn't Rob Hawkins use his internet capabilities to tap into satellites to see what was going on throughout the country or world even? The dish he had may not have reached that far, but he had some type of internet capabilities that may have allowed him to tap into a satellite in another country.

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What Have Nutty Fans Been Up To?

"Coming This Fall: A New Breed of Promo"

"The critics aren't watching 'Kid Nation'...yet"

One of the most talked-about new series, CBS' "Kid Nation," will not be reviewed by critics before it premieres Wednesday.

The network has opted not to send out screeners for the controversial reality series, in which 40 children spend 40 days in a formerly deserted New Mexico mining town."

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