Saturday, September 22, 2007

CBS and The Storm

" Moonves likes CBS in eye of storm"

“We need to push the envelope,” Moonves said during the Boston College Chief Executives’ Club lunch at the Boston Harbor Hotel. “If we’re not creating some sort of controversy, we’re probably not doing our job right.”

CBS chief says Rather claims are 'old news'

"Moonves spoke more freely about his company's plans to maintain its relationship with Apple Computer Corp.'s iTunes service, even as top competitor NBC pulled its content off the service last month. NBC wanted more control over the price of its shows on iTunes and ultimately made a deal to offer its shows via's Unbox download service. Yesterday, NBC said it will offer free downloads directly from its website, though consumers would not be able to move content to devices like iPods and could not skip commercials."

"For CBS, it's
sticking with what works"

** It's about time**

"But after several failed attempts, CBS is once again embracing its core audience when the new season begins on Monday. Its schedule remains largely unchanged from last season and firmly geared to 25-54s."

Jericho update

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