Saturday, October 27, 2007

Monster Fan of the Week

The Monster Fan of the Week is Briarpatch/Charlene.

Charlene is a Jericho fan and genuinely nice person. She does a lot for Jericho and never seeks thanks or recognition.

She's always willing to lend a helping hand and she's a fount of knowledge about preparedness issues.

I think we'd all be lost without her. No, we would be lost without her. Her kind and gentle spirit is a calming one and I doubt she realizes how valuable she is to us all.

I love you, Charlene!

For all you do, Charlene, you are the Monster Fan of the Week.

Congratulations and thank you for everything you do.

"Jericho fans have united (so what else is new?) for the first official Jericho Digg Day, which will take place Sunday."


Join us in Jeritopia's JERICHO LIBRARY at 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central!

Questions based on #1.22 -- WHY WE FIGHT!!

The prize for this week's trivia will be a set of Season One JERICHO DvDs!

Due to the nature of the prize, judging of answers will be strict.

That's Saturday, October 27th in Jeritopia!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Jericho: Digg Day

Sunday! Oct. 28th!

Digg Day!!

Read all about it here.

Remember: You're not voting for a particular blog or article;you're voting for Jericho!!!!!!!!

From Myles at Cultural Learnings:

" What I want to focus on instead is an email I just got from Steve at Hey! Nielsen. After our Sound Off! Week came to a bit of an abrupt end when I pretty much ran out of time, I didn’t get a chance to properly address some issues. One of these was just how fantastic they are about making changes to their system to better reflect actual activity."

" If you love writing fanfiction or reading it, then read on, my good folks, 'cause I might know something that'll pique your interest. How would you like to receive awards for your fanfiction? It doesn't matter when you wrote it, only that you wrote it and that it's finished. If you can't write fanfiction or are too shy to, you can still be a judge for the fandom of your liking! Interested yet? Then read on, my good folks, read on!

This forum hosts Fanfiction Awards for any fandom, as long as the fandom has high demand, we've no problem hosting them!"

Become a NBC Universal Panel Member & have a voice!

Fill out a rather cumbersome survey to hopefully give valuable feedback.

This survey does ask you to rate Jericho, Dresden Files, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars.

Grab a cup of coffee (or you favorite beverage) and head on over to Jeritopia for a daytime get-together!!

Tuesday -
1:00 Eastern, 12:00 Central, 10:00 Pacific

Saturday -
1:00 Eastern, 12:00 Central, 10:00 Pacific

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome To Jericho

Check out this article by Amy at Remote Access.

Jericho, Margie and Edna, and much more.

Many thanks to Terocious for finding this comprehensive article about How Digg works.

"While some might call the premise revolutionary, the basic functions of the Web site itself are pretty simple and intuitive. It's easy to get started using Digg. When you go to the homepage, you're already looking at the moment's most popular stories. They've been Dugg by enough users to get promoted to the homepage."

"Google which dominates the market for advertising on the Internet, seems to be hoping to do the same thing on television.

The company is set to announce a partnership today with the Nielsen Company, the voice of authority in measuring television audiences, that will give advertisers a more vivid and accurate snapshot than ever before of how many people are viewing commercials on a second-by-second basis, and who those people are."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jericho: United We Stand

Thanks to Rubberpoultry for the awesome image.

From TV Guide:

Issue: Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, 2007.

Jericho #1 in Top 10 Stories, page 10 (full page article with four photos).

"The wait will soon be over for Jericho fans. Expect the drama about America's favorite post-nuclear holocaust survivors to return to CBS by January, says executive producer Carol Barbee. The story planned for a full second season has been packed into the seven episodes ordered by the network and Barbee promises they won't disappoint those looking for answers about the nuclear attack. "By the end, you'll know who did this, why they did this, what their plan is and who is gong to prevail," she says."

What do you think? Did CBS intend to give us only 7 episodes? If all our questions will be answered where is the reason for a Season 3? Is this why CBS is not promoting or contacting us?

Even if Jericho moves to another network what will the story be?

We should all stop and think long and hard about what our plan is if CBS cancels Jericho again.

The Holidays are coming and most everyone will have a list of people to buy presents for.

What better way to turn on new fans to Jericho than a Season 1 DVD?

This is a perfect way to share the joy, promote the show, gain new fans and have good DVD sales records.

If every fan would give just one Jericho DVD - we would double our numbers!!

Combine it with some NUTS and you have a fun gift basket!

Also - do you work in an office where they buy gifts for clients? Why not suggest a Jericho DVD?

This Holiday Season - just say NUTS!!!

What better Christmas gift (or house-warming gift, even!) than a Season I DVD set and a JERICHO COOKS cookbook!

Now you can buy one cookbook for $15.50 (S&H included) and order others for the low price of $12.00 per book, paying only ONE Shipping & Handling charge!

The proceeds for the cookbook goes to create care packages for our troops overseas and to support JERICHON. Two very good causes!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jericho, Viva Laughlin, and Writer's Strike

"After a disastrous Thursday preview, Viva Laughlin didn’t magically improve when it debuted in its timeslot last night. The series dipped even further, with downright embarrassing ratings in every account. The beneficiary could be fans of CBS’ almost-canceled series Jericho."

"It's official. Viva Laughlin has been canceled. CBS will air a rerun of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" in the time period this week before bringing back the slot's last year occupant "The Amazing Race." The reality veteran will return for a 12th cycle Nov. 4."

"With the largest voter turnout in the history of the union, the Writers Guild of America, West reported late Friday afternoon that nearly 5,000 ballots had been cast by its members, delaying by several hours the announcement most of Hollywood assumed was a foregone conclusion: 91.3% of WGA members voted to authorize a strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers."

"The first victims will be late-night TV and pseudo-news gabfests such as "The View" and "The Daily Show," where a strike will have "an instant impact," said David Miner, executive producer of "30 Rock" and manager of numerous comedy writers on "Saturday Night Live," "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" and other late-night shows. Said Mr. Miner, "Based on where you get your daily fix, you're either headed elsewhere or you're going to bed earlier."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Jericho: Call To Action

Rich at Copywrite Ink has presented an idea for Jericho Rangers to create a fan produced ad. I'm no artist but there are some out there who can do this.

It needs art. It needs be to shorted for banners. But since I will not be able to attend tonight, this is my five second solution... which I suggest runs without CBS logos as it would be fan produced.

Divided We Fall.

New flag opposing the American Flag. It would be great
if someone could create art similar to civil war era
stuff, except with modern arms. The two flags flying
about each side. However, the flags on their own might
work. Depends on the artist.

Body copy:
The U.S. is caught in its Second Civil War.
And Jericho, Kansas is stuck in the middle.

Call to action copy:
Own the build up in Season 1.
Stay tuned for Season 2.

Jericho. United We Stand.

Credit line:
Produced by Jericho Rangers.
>insert links to the various message boards.<

Run with it or dump it. The choice is yours. Have a great day ... :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fan Campaigns: The Dresden Files

Blogger has problems so no picture can be added just now.

The Sci-Fi Channel has FINALLY scheduled reruns/repeats of the Dresden Files!! As was pointed out by a fellow fan/campaigner, they "could be testing the waters for whether or not a lot of people are wanting to watch this show."

The Dresden Files:
Play the Crime Scene Game
Quizzes, videos, and more

The Dresden Files on IMDb

Dresden Files Info Page

The Dresden Files - The Complete First Season

Sign the Petition

New Home 4 Dresden

For the FIRST time since the end of the first Season, Sci-Fi Channel is showing reruns of the Dresden Files!! November 9th & 16th - search the Dresden Files in your timezone!!!

Dresden Message Board