Friday, October 26, 2007

Jericho: Digg Day

Sunday! Oct. 28th!

Digg Day!!

Read all about it here.

Remember: You're not voting for a particular blog or article;you're voting for Jericho!!!!!!!!

From Myles at Cultural Learnings:

" What I want to focus on instead is an email I just got from Steve at Hey! Nielsen. After our Sound Off! Week came to a bit of an abrupt end when I pretty much ran out of time, I didn’t get a chance to properly address some issues. One of these was just how fantastic they are about making changes to their system to better reflect actual activity."

" If you love writing fanfiction or reading it, then read on, my good folks, 'cause I might know something that'll pique your interest. How would you like to receive awards for your fanfiction? It doesn't matter when you wrote it, only that you wrote it and that it's finished. If you can't write fanfiction or are too shy to, you can still be a judge for the fandom of your liking! Interested yet? Then read on, my good folks, read on!

This forum hosts Fanfiction Awards for any fandom, as long as the fandom has high demand, we've no problem hosting them!"

Become a NBC Universal Panel Member & have a voice!

Fill out a rather cumbersome survey to hopefully give valuable feedback.

This survey does ask you to rate Jericho, Dresden Files, Supernatural, and Veronica Mars.

Grab a cup of coffee (or you favorite beverage) and head on over to Jeritopia for a daytime get-together!!

Tuesday -
1:00 Eastern, 12:00 Central, 10:00 Pacific

Saturday -
1:00 Eastern, 12:00 Central, 10:00 Pacific


kestral said...

Thanks for all the great info. I went to the NBC link and filled out the survey. It was quick and simple. I guess they'll be sending me more surveys in the future too! Now if only we could get CBS to do a survey.

terocious said...

Thank you for continuing to feature Digg Day on your blogs Jane.

erika said...

I filled out the NBC panel survey about a month ago and have yet to hear from them. I wonder if I ever will...