Monday, October 22, 2007

Jericho: Call To Action

Rich at Copywrite Ink has presented an idea for Jericho Rangers to create a fan produced ad. I'm no artist but there are some out there who can do this.

It needs art. It needs be to shorted for banners. But since I will not be able to attend tonight, this is my five second solution... which I suggest runs without CBS logos as it would be fan produced.

Divided We Fall.

New flag opposing the American Flag. It would be great
if someone could create art similar to civil war era
stuff, except with modern arms. The two flags flying
about each side. However, the flags on their own might
work. Depends on the artist.

Body copy:
The U.S. is caught in its Second Civil War.
And Jericho, Kansas is stuck in the middle.

Call to action copy:
Own the build up in Season 1.
Stay tuned for Season 2.

Jericho. United We Stand.

Credit line:
Produced by Jericho Rangers.
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Run with it or dump it. The choice is yours. Have a great day ... :)

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