Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jericho: United We Stand

Thanks to Rubberpoultry for the awesome image.

From TV Guide:

Issue: Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, 2007.

Jericho #1 in Top 10 Stories, page 10 (full page article with four photos).

"The wait will soon be over for Jericho fans. Expect the drama about America's favorite post-nuclear holocaust survivors to return to CBS by January, says executive producer Carol Barbee. The story planned for a full second season has been packed into the seven episodes ordered by the network and Barbee promises they won't disappoint those looking for answers about the nuclear attack. "By the end, you'll know who did this, why they did this, what their plan is and who is gong to prevail," she says."

What do you think? Did CBS intend to give us only 7 episodes? If all our questions will be answered where is the reason for a Season 3? Is this why CBS is not promoting or contacting us?

Even if Jericho moves to another network what will the story be?

We should all stop and think long and hard about what our plan is if CBS cancels Jericho again.

The Holidays are coming and most everyone will have a list of people to buy presents for.

What better way to turn on new fans to Jericho than a Season 1 DVD?

This is a perfect way to share the joy, promote the show, gain new fans and have good DVD sales records.

If every fan would give just one Jericho DVD - we would double our numbers!!

Combine it with some NUTS and you have a fun gift basket!

Also - do you work in an office where they buy gifts for clients? Why not suggest a Jericho DVD?

This Holiday Season - just say NUTS!!!

What better Christmas gift (or house-warming gift, even!) than a Season I DVD set and a JERICHO COOKS cookbook!

Now you can buy one cookbook for $15.50 (S&H included) and order others for the low price of $12.00 per book, paying only ONE Shipping & Handling charge!

The proceeds for the cookbook goes to create care packages for our troops overseas and to support JERICHON. Two very good causes!!

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lovejohnston said...

Sounds like a SERIES finale rather than a SEASON finale. :(