Saturday, September 8, 2007

Monster Fan of the Week: Morgan

Fan of the Week

Morgan is a patient, caring, generous, fun Jericho fan. She creates games and fun not only for the boards but for Jeritopia.

JERICHO COOKS: Food for the Post-Apocalyptic World- yes, here's Morgan bringing us another wonderful project.

You can find Morgan at Jeritopia or Jericho Rally Point. Be sure to read her blog there.

Thanks, Morgan, for all you do!

"Cultural Learnings: The House that ‘Jericho’ Built"

Stunning, brilliant piece by Myles. This is a blogger who will rise to the top of his field one day. He should win an award for this!
Myles, what can I say? You are truly a writer to be noticed.

Why Not Jericho?

"CBS Promotes Fall Lineup Through Supermarket Meat Counters"

"Next week's grocery list calls for bread, orange juice ... and CBS promotions. After inscribing laser-coded CBS logos and slogans last year on more than 35 million eggs to promote its fall schedule, the Tiffany Network is staking out new territory at local supermarkets around the country."

Friday, September 7, 2007

Jericho DVD Sales Low

Thanks to RubberPoultry for the image.

Thank you all for this. I'm most appreciative.

Big thanks to kystorms too.

"Jericho' DVD Sales Volume Low"- Important/Please read

Links to vote for Jericho. Vote here

More on survivalism from Rourke:

Native American recipes for a variety of foodstuffs.

Rocky Mountain Survival Groups information/page regarding drying/storing foods, etc

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What Would Jericho Taste Like?

"CBS Creates First of its Kind Ad You Can Taste for the Fall Preview Issue of Rolling Stone Magazine"

"Media Players Go After Free-Spending Boomers"

"Seventy-five percent of U.S. wealth is in the hands of people aged 50-plus, boomers are the highest earners"

Preorder your copy of JerichoCooks

Copies will ship around September 15.
Or, pick up your copy at the Jerichon, Jericho Convention in Oakley, KS!
Remember all proceeds will be evenly divided between the Jerichon and providing care packages to our deployed military troops!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Profits and Winners

When Is Making a Profit off Jericho a bad Thing?
Answer here.

"Half of CBS's Top Ad spenders Take Pass at Controversial Fall Reality Series"

"Half of CBS's top 10 advertisers surveyed by Advertising Age said they are not in the controversial show that depicts kids ages 8 to 15 forming their own society in a western frontier village, although each cited reasons other than the hubbub as the reason."

Updated Jericho Rerun Times

The Results Are In!

2007 Tater Top Award Winners!

Best Fight:

49% Jericho fans versus CBS
27% Jin versus Mikhail, Lost
12% Roy versus Dwight's pepper spray, The Office
5% Starbuck versus Apollo in a boxing match, Battlestar Galactica
4% Anything on America's Next Top Model—those girls are crazy!
3% Jack Bauer versus Abu Fayed's henchmen, 24

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fall Is In The Air

"Nets Take Promos Beyond Their Air"

"New this fall season: Broadcast networks will rely on social networks, guerrilla events, video-on-demand, YouTube, Web portals and mobile technology more than ever before to promote their new lineups to increasingly distracted consumers. What's not so new is the continued reliance on their own airwaves to do most of the work."

Phillip W. Palmer Blog

Adopt Jericho here.

"Last year's serial dramas left viewers hanging"

Monday, September 3, 2007

Please Vote For jericho

Jericho DVD

"The Eye sometimes winks."

Vote For Jericho here.

Jericho/CBS Message Board

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Counting Viewers: CBS and Nielsen

"CBS, The TV Network For Oldsters, Tunes In To New Net Technologies"

As CBS chief Leslie Moonves put it during the company's second-quarter earnings call in July: "We're following our audience. We're putting our content where they already are, giving it to them in a way that they want to see it."

** BUT-are these viewers being counted? If so, is a true count? See

**What does this mean for Jericho?**

Problems found in Nielsen ratings to be used this Fall:

" evidence has come to light that the data being released by Nielsen has had some serious flaws, inaccuracies and omissions that could cause major problems when advertisers and agencies begin posting their media buys. The latest revelation came in the form of a letter circulated last week by Star Media Enterprises, a major re-processor of TV ratings for Nielsen clients, which asserts that there have been systemic problems with the new commercial ratings ever since Nielsen began releasing them in May."

"What is the 'Jericho' DVD Project?"