Sunday, September 2, 2007

Counting Viewers: CBS and Nielsen

"CBS, The TV Network For Oldsters, Tunes In To New Net Technologies"

As CBS chief Leslie Moonves put it during the company's second-quarter earnings call in July: "We're following our audience. We're putting our content where they already are, giving it to them in a way that they want to see it."

** BUT-are these viewers being counted? If so, is a true count? See

**What does this mean for Jericho?**

Problems found in Nielsen ratings to be used this Fall:

" evidence has come to light that the data being released by Nielsen has had some serious flaws, inaccuracies and omissions that could cause major problems when advertisers and agencies begin posting their media buys. The latest revelation came in the form of a letter circulated last week by Star Media Enterprises, a major re-processor of TV ratings for Nielsen clients, which asserts that there have been systemic problems with the new commercial ratings ever since Nielsen began releasing them in May."

"What is the 'Jericho' DVD Project?"

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