Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Profits and Winners

When Is Making a Profit off Jericho a bad Thing?
Answer here.

"Half of CBS's Top Ad spenders Take Pass at Controversial Fall Reality Series"

"Half of CBS's top 10 advertisers surveyed by Advertising Age said they are not in the controversial show that depicts kids ages 8 to 15 forming their own society in a western frontier village, although each cited reasons other than the hubbub as the reason."

Updated Jericho Rerun Times

The Results Are In!

2007 Tater Top Award Winners!

Best Fight:

49% Jericho fans versus CBS
27% Jin versus Mikhail, Lost
12% Roy versus Dwight's pepper spray, The Office
5% Starbuck versus Apollo in a boxing match, Battlestar Galactica
4% Anything on America's Next Top Model—those girls are crazy!
3% Jack Bauer versus Abu Fayed's henchmen, 24

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