Sunday, August 19, 2007

RadioFreeJericho Is Back

Bib can be found at CafePress.

Rich of Copywrite Ink Hits Nail On Head Yet Again!!

"The Jericho Effect"

Thanks to Rourke for bringing this to my attention:

"The Two Things To Know Before Your City is Nuked By Terrorists"

Message from Mary (Openminded1)at RFJ:
Hello all! For those who have missed us due to technical difficulties
week, we are back!!! We have updated our software, giving users more
security, the ability to post attachments, enjoy a better PM system,
much much more.
We have lots of fun things going on right now, and lots more to come
We have appreciated everyone's patience while we have been working to
RFJ better than ever!

More problems for CBS regarding "Kid Nation"

mahafney has a new cool video:

Jericho - Jake - Savin' Me

You can view more of her videos here.

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