Friday, August 24, 2007

Jericho,Taxes, and DVR's

Poor Les Moonves: I know now why Jericho's budget was cut.

Les, we would like to help you by offering you several opportunities to lessen your tax burden. How much would you like to contribute to DVD's for the Troops? How about some of your cuff links to auction off to buy prizes for the contests Rangers have come up with to help promote Jericho? You'd be amazed at all the ways we can tell you how to contribute.
Put those state and local taxes you don't pay into something worthwhile.

Moonves Likes DVR's?
"CBS's CEO Les Moonves jumped on the "we love DVRs" bandwagon, making the usual network argument: DVR owners watch more TV content than non-DVR owners."
What happened to watching "live TV only?"

Jericho starts in January??

Beautiful video from xrammy for GaTravelGal

I have enough subscribers to start my newsletter but I'd like suggestions on what you'd like to see. Now I don't know yet how to add pictures and I'm learning about HTML so nothing fancy please. I don't want it to be just a recap of my blogs although I would use a few things.
I'd like to get fan submissions like fan fiction or short articles-anything original.
Ideas? Suggestions? I'd like to mail out about Sept.1.

The Watcher-Jericho Mention by Maureen Ryan


Hawksdomain said...

LOL ROFLMAO even!! Yes, I, too, thought it might be beneficial for Les and crew to donate to one of our projects!! :)

I definitely want on your newsletter list! Your writing is just brilliant! :)

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks hawksdomain and you're more than welcome on my newsletter list.

Poor Les. We just have to help him with some worthy tax write-offs. Call us, Les. We're here to help.