Monday, August 20, 2007

Jericho Fantasy Games

Save Bob's Family Campaign

Skeeterbit thought it would be a fun idea to send some play money and a note to Bob Stevenson after reading the production blog.

The idea is for you guys to post messages to Bob. I will do up a note, include some play money, and send it off on behalf of all of us at RFJ. I'd like to get some more responses so we can send it out soon.

I'm always scampering around trying to find anything Jericho and, today, I found something I hadn't seen before. It's a
great website from AndiMn of CBS board. Good draw for new fans. It's called Rejected Reality. Check it out here.

What a really fun idea!

What we are going to do is role play in the Jericho world a bit. Everyone is going to create a character. This character can be a representative of the real you, a complete fantasy, or a little bit of both.

Then, we are going to go through all the episodes one by one, starting with the Pilot. We will talk amongst each other in the voices of these characters. More details and general rules will be forthcoming.

To have a story, we need go here to fill out the character survey.

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