Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nuts For Jericho Video Challenge

THE Master List .....Presents:


Make a trailer, a promo or a slide-show movie for the promotion of the new season!
Have fun with it. Show us your nutty creative side! Go here and see what its all about! Enter soon!!!

The contest is open to videos that were made after August 1st
and the contest will stop taking videos on August 25!
On the 26-31 of August it will be the fans chance to vote for a winner!

Here is the prize!!

The contest is on NFJ in conjunction with the master list,the largest video archive Jericho has to offer, with over 170 Jericho videos and counting!

You can't win if you don't enter!!!!

1 comment:

kestral said...

What a great idea!! I would love some new Jericho videos to promote season two!! Thanks for the tip!