Sunday, August 12, 2007

For Jericho Kids of All Ages

Kids For Jericho

This page is educational in nature, and very fun for us big kids too. The content is hers, and the great web design was done by our own Maybei.

Monster Jericho Fan of the Week

Each week a Jericho fan will be selected to be the Spotlight fan at RFJ (Homepage) and will also be featured on my blog JerichoMonster.

The Fan of the Week will be a person who is a team player,actively participates in efforts to promote Jericho, is helpful and active on the board. For example, this person may start helpful threads, comment and Digg, encourage others, offer ideas on how to promote Jericho, and so on. There will also be random factors involved so increase your visibility and that of Jericho and you may be the Fan of the Week.

You may nominate someone but please explain what they have done that you feel qualifies them for Fan of the Week. There will not be a vote but you may nominate.

Our first fan of the Week will be announced on Friday August 17th.

Rich at Copywrite Ink:
"Mixing Messages: CBS To Jericho Fans"
Excellent article.

Ratings for 8/10- Football on CBS didn't do so well.

Jericho Fans Keep On Giving

Brand New. Opened Today. Jericho!
Photos, videos, and more.


Rich said...

Nice new blog JS! You are becoming a social media master. And thank you for the honor of making me the fan of week. I'm touched.

As a fan, I would have to say that "kids of all ages" is especially fitting because one of the reasons my family enjoys the show is because it is one of the very few we can all watch together. Given the state of families today, we need more social interaction, even when that interaction is around the same television set (fortunately, we do a lot more than watch TV ... but it's nice to know there was at least one show we could watch together).

All my best,

Jericho Saved said...

Thank, Rich. I hear a lot of people say this is a show that brings the whole family together and it's very true. It could certainly lead to a lot of family discussion too.

kestral said...

Very nice job!! It is so nice to be able to get so much information in one place! With all of the wonderful Jericho content out there I know some of it gets missed. Thank you for helping us to see all that is out there for Jericho fans!