Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nuts For Jericho

Nuts for Jericho has a plan, but it can only succeed with the support of all Jericho Fans! One of our goals at NFJ has always been to support our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, the very men and women who work and sacrifice everyday so that Jericho will alway remain a fantasy. Hopefully, you will join us in supporting these brave individuals.

We are asking for donations from everyone on every board to help us purchase Season 1 of Jericho DVD's. Don't worry, you can just send whatever you can afford! A PayPal account has been set up and whatever donations we receive will be used to purchase the Season 1 DVD and have them sent to Staten Island Project Homefront. Any money left over will be sent directly to Staten Island Homefront to help cover their costs of shipping. SI Project Homefront in turn will distribute them to our military men and women abroad. One of the items being requested by the men and women overseas, are DVDs. We plan to make the purchase the end of September so we can take advantage of the pre-release price and free shipping at, so please give whatever you can afford. We believe it's a well deserved gift to those who are giving us the greatest gift of all, our freedom.

Please, if you have anything you can spare, support the troops while you support Jericho!

Last, but truly not least, we would like to thank Rubber Poultry for our awesome graphic; he always comes through for Jericho and it's fans.

To go directly to the PayPal button to donate, click here. Donations will be accepted through Sunday, September 23, 2007.

Staten Island Project Homefront

Staten Island Project Homefront is a not-for-profit, 501 C-3, organization dedicated to supporting all of our deployed military personnel. The organization also acts as a support organization for the families of deployed soldiers,sailors, airmen, coast guardsmen and marines. Regardless of branch of service, enlisted or officer, Staten Island Project Homefront will support any deployed service member requesting assistance, if within our capabilities.

So this morning, we launched a new program…NUTS for Our Servicemen and Women. You can send a snack package (7 yummy pounds of our most popular, energy-packed treats) to someone posted overseas in the US military.


kystorms said...

thank you so much for giving this project more exposure, it is a worthy cause and will also be a huge help in the efforts of selling more Jericho DVDs!

Jericho Saved said...

My pleasure. Good luck.