Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jericho Pre-Emptions and Dresden Files

I continue to be concerned about the Nielsen ratings as they involve Jericho. There have been pre-emptions in certain areas for the last two weeks and Jericho is also being pre-empted August 10 and 24 by football.

While Nielsen ratings have always concerned me in regards to how accurate they are I am more concerned today after reading this article:

"A glitch in Nielsen Media Research equipment led to lower-than-normal ratings for USA Network for five days last week.
Nielsen confirmed Friday that an "equipment issue" was to blame for the "problems, which underreported USA Network ratings from July 28-Aug. 1. The nature of the equipment problems wasn't clear."
This is an error that was caught. How many more could be happening that we never hear about?

"Smackdown," 2.8/6 took the 9 o'clock title, while NBC followed with a 2.7/6 for its "Las Vegas" repeat. A "Jericho" rerun on CBS and the second hour of FOX's movie tied for third with a 2.3/5 apiece. ABC's "Greek" (from its sister cable station ABC Family) trailed with a 1.5/3.

SCIFI Channel has cancelled The Dresden Files after one season.

"SCIFI states the reason for the cancellation is due to production costs. Though it wasn't a ratings blockbuster, The Dresden Files gains a loyal fan following. Like fans being "Nuts" over Jericho at CBS, Dresden fans are setting out to bring their magic to SCIFI in an effort to resurrect their favorite wizard-detective back on television."

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