Monday, August 6, 2007

Jericho Bites

"The Family Redstone: multibillion history of dysfunction"

"Filed in November by Michael Redstone, Sumner's nephew, and by the trustees of three trusts established decades ago by Sumner's father, Mickey, the suit alleges Sumner wrested control of National Amusements by secretly engineering a purchase of shares from the family trusts at low-ball prices in 1972 and 1984."

Since Sumner and his daughter are also at odds will Leslie Moonves end up in charge of it all?

Rich discusses how viral marketing affects the promotion of Jericho in his latest article at Copywrite Ink. It's a must read.

Exclusive Interview with Phillip Palmer, Production Sound Mixer for Jericho.

DragonCon and Jericho
Would you like to help with 2 Jericho Panels?

Please sign the Petition for Dresden File fans. They're voting for Jericho and encouraging others to watch for us.

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