Monday, December 17, 2007

Most Googled: Jericho

"Here are some of the most watched, most downloaded, and most enjoyed search queries of the year. All of these searches had the largest volume on in the U.S.

1. Heroes (NBC)
2. Lost (ABC)
3. House (FOX)
4. 24 (FOX)
5. Bones (FOX)
6. Jericho (CBS)
7. Reba (CW)
8. Scrubs (NBC)
9. Greek (ABC)
10. Caveman (ABC)"

" Jericho - With the new, second season of Jericho coming soon, CBS should air the first season once more in prime-time and promote it in a big way. They did this during the summer, but it was right around July 4th when many potential viewers were not watching television. Run it again now to get the attention it deserves and bring in new viewers ready to make the second season of Jericho a success."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more ... this is an excellent time for a Jericho run ... with programming reruns and reality/game shows out the wazoo people would migrate toward Jericho ... if not out of curiosity to see what all the nuts were about - then out of sheer boredom with programming ... and we all know they'd be hooked!!!