Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ho Ho Ho: Jericho Returns !


FEB 12th 2008

10pm! EST

"A new report from Nielsen shows young adults are increasingly watching TV at times other than their original broadcasts — on devices that aren't TVs, reports Mediaweek.

56 percent of those studied, ages 18-34, say they catch up on missed episodes of a show online, on portable devices or using a DVR:"

"Nielsen has partnered with Digimarc to digitally "watermark" or fingerprint video clips from media companies circulating on the Internet. Clips would have a unique ID and specific rules could be assigned to govern their uploading and distribution accordingly, to prevent copyright infringement."

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terocious said...

I believe this is a bad move for Nielsen. In my opinion the company should not have anything to do with content on the web other than tracking what goes where. Now, maybe this digital mark will allow nielsen to track web content. But to avoid conflicts of interest it might be best to let someone else's money do the developemental work here.