Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jericho: Home Run

"Not since they sold the New York Yankees to George Steinbrenner has CBS hit such a home run while swinging blindfolded. "Jericho" is a cultural phenomenon that inspires the imagination and brings tears of joy in more than a few episodes. Almost single handedly, the writers and producers of "Jericho" have restored at least a small measure of confidence in what network TV actually could be – moral, intelligent, family-oriented and visionary."

Rich of Copywrite Ink discusses HeyNielsen with comments on Jericho.

"It took less than a day for fans to see what Hey! Nielsen really is — a social network that asks “users” (a word that is well past its prime) to pile into the school gymnasium and have a shouting match. Those with the biggest lungs win. And those with the most outrageous comments get the most attention."

From The Turkish Daily News:

"Jericho: The day before tomorrow"

"The people of small town Jericho see the nuclear cloud in the horizon, and that’s how the TV series ‘Jericho’ makes its debut. Has the world come to an end? That’s for the folks of Jericho and the devoted audience to find out"

"Nielsen May Change Controversial Policy on Processing of Multiple Airings"

"Nielsen is considering changing its much-criticized new policy of allowing networks to report multiple airings of the same show - when run with the same commercial content - as a single rating, writes Broadcasting & Cable.

The reconsideration follows a firestorm of criticism when NBC decided to repeat Monday's season premiere of Heroes on Saturday and to count both shows as a single airing. By doing so, NBC benefitted not only because it gets a higher rating for a single episode, but because the move essentially eliminates a Saturday night hour that is generally one of the lowest rated hours of the week."

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