Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jericho: EyeLab and CW

Rich of Copywrite Ink was on BlogTalkRadio last night with new host Gylon Jackson. If you'd like to listen go here.

Gylon did a great job and will be back Oct. 7 to discuss Freedom of Speech.

"With this upgraded take, CBS hopes to not only grab a fan base similar to that which pulled the network’s JERICHO from the brink of cancellation, but make bloodsuckers hip for a whole new generation of TV viewers. “That’s kind of the nice thing about it,” Stanton says. “It’s so much more about procedural and the characters; the vampire part is important, but it’s not the only part of the show. So you don’t have to be a huge fan of vampires to really get into it.”

"CBS will launch CBS EyeLab, a production operation that will put together short clips from a number of it shows and distribute them to a wide variety of websites According to The Wall Street Journal "CBS says the EyeLab-produced clips will both entertain viewers and serve a marketing purpose."

"CW will stream the debut episodes of two of its newest programs online in advance of their official TV launches, becoming the latest of the broadcast networks to offer programs to the public in nontraditional fashion as consumers gain access to new technology."

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