Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jericho: New Nielsen System

"They're called "instant reruns" by the networks, and now these encore presentations can be counted in a new way by Nielsen Media Research.

NBC is the first network to utilize a new system by Nielsen that will allow some of its programming to have both the original airdate and the encore aired later in the same week included in a single ratings report, rather than two separate reports. The first show to utilize this new system is "Heroes," which premiered Monday night and will have an encore run Saturday. Instead of two separate ratings, NBC has opted for one single one that will include viewers from both airings."

"Jericho: Season One' DVD Giveaway"

"Nielsen to Treble Size of US TV Ratings Panel"
"Nielsen has said that it intends to treble the size of its National People Meter (NPM) TV ratings panel by 2011, to include 37,000 US households and 100,000 people."

Official Press Release for Jericho: Season 1

In early 2008 the premiere episodes of ABC’s “Lost” and CBS’ “Jericho” will be available on Sprint TV.

Heroes Asks for Recount

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