Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welome To Jericho

Rich at Copywrite Ink announces his top quarterly posts:

"Every quarter, we publish a recap of our five most popular communication-related posts, based on the frequency and the immediacy of hits after they were posted. While we base this on individual posts, some are related to larger case studies."

DVD Review

"DVR Viewing Delays Clear Ratings Picture "

"The broadcast networks were in a holding pattern last week, as the hefty DVR
viewing of their premiere-week shows made it nearly impossible in the short term to determine actual viewership levels and the true success or failure of the new slates.

Making the situation more complex is the fact that Nielsen (a sister company of Adweek) is not expected to release its live-plus-three-day-commercial-ratings data—the currency in which nearly all advertisers used to get their viewership guarantees—until Oct. 15."

Watching Jericho
Thanks Amber

"Changes at Nielsen: Rating Representation and Surveillance

Nielsen have been pretty active recently, with announcements, changes, and additions left, right, and center."

HeyNielsen Blog:

"Organized groups of fans are repeatedly rating a single topic or creating multiple/duplicate posts that are clearly designed to force their favorites to the top of our Rankings. (It's important to note that the Hey! Nielsen Rankings and the Hey! Nielsen Score have zero impact, influence, or connection to the Nielsen TV Ratings, even though this site is run by the same company.)"

"After alienating media buyers with its secretive run-up to Kid Nation, CBS is now openly courting Madison Avenue with an advertising jingle contest show."

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