Wednesday, October 31, 2007

CBS and Social Media

"While we’re unleashing our lawyers on social networks with slips of paper with big words like “copyright infringement”, we’re also taking in huge new audiences on air and online — social media is actually helping our bottom line. How much? In one major broadcaster’s case, an additional 200,000 viewers in just one month. That company even let their growth secret out of the bag, “YouTube has brought a significant new audience of viewers to each broadcast.” Naughty CBS! They shouldn’t go running their mouths like that.

CBS isn’t the only one seeing growth by engaging in social media.

Couple growing social network interaction with the statistic that almost 70% of internet users watch TV while online and you’ve got a multiple platform experience, where you’re hitting your audience with your message from more than one place. Increased exposure is a great thing in the TV business.

Look up your favourite show in Facebook. Even if it’s a small show, or a canceled show, I bet it has its own fan group, or two, or three! Fans have taken marketing & brand ownership on themselves and are promoting our shows for us. Because they’re doing this through social networks, their friends and friends of friends all see this activity. Increased buzz and exposure (especially from your trusted social networking “friends”) means more brand engagement and often more people watching your show."

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maybei said...

lol, I think you might even call this "marketing" by the fans!!

Great article!!