Thursday, November 1, 2007

Plugging Jericho

"A plug for Jericho"

"Jericho is a 2006 CBS TV series which takes place in a small town somewhere in northwest Kansas after a nuclear attack. Who was responsible for the nuclear attack? Was only Denver bombed, or were other cities? You’ll have to watch the series to find out."

Kristin Bell comes to Heroes

"Did you guys see that show Jericho last season? Great show showing a small town surviving a wide spread terrorist nuke strike in the US. The show is filled with political intrigue. Who attacked the country, was it domestic or foreign terrorists, a military coup, China, Iran, or something else?"

"Nielsen is capturing the true voice of the consumer with the launch of their new “Hey Nielsen” social networking website. Designed to capture consumers immediate reactions to television, movie and music programming, the site launched in beta a few weeks ago. Nielsen is the market researcher most responsible for what we end up watching, listening to and going to see. They are not necessarily responsible for what we read however, but more on that later. Nielsen hopes that the Hey Nielsen site becomes the social monitor for all pop culture although my initial experimentation with the site seems to indicate that most people are focused on television."

"Forget Halloween. The real scare for TV viewers and film fans could start this week.

Hollywood writers, whose contract with producers expires tonight, could vote to strike as early as Thursday, though it's far from certain. The writers, in tough negotiations for new-media rights, also could wait as late as June, when actor/director contracts end."

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