Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Nielsen Ratings: Jericho

There seems to be a huge misconception about Nielsen ratings that involve DVR's. Please do not rush out and get a DVR thinking you will be counted. You will not. Nielsen uses random samples when choosing who they monitor. They do not include every home as we well know by Jericho being canceled. Even if your cable or satellite provider sent information to Nielsen what would be the use since only Nielsen homes matter? The networks only rely on Nielsen.

Read the following- included is a message from someone who called Nielsen. It can't be made any plainer than this.

"If you are one of those people who watches most of your television time-shifted using your DVR, then you'll be interested in this news. For the first time in history, Nielsen Media Research - the organization relied upon by the TV networks and advertisers will be using a new ratings system called "live-plus-three-day commercial rating" that is changing Nielsen's methods in two ways. First, it measures TV viewership for commercial breaks instead of the entire TV program. Secondly, Nielsen will include TV viewership of a show over a three-day time period. This second change means if you time-shift TV shows and watch a show up to three days after it airs it will be counted as being viewed. In the past only those shows watched during the original airing date were counted."


"I just got off the phone with a Nielsen representative. According to the very nice lady, DVR usage is only measured for Nielsen families...not for the general public. While I'm sure this is disappointing to a lot of people on the board, let's just remember that Jericho is already one of the most DVR'ed shows out there. Also the Nielsen's new www.heynielsen.com is intended to let the general public interact with the ratings generator. Sign up as a beta member today!"

Operation Skippy:
Send CBS a nice polite letter about your disappointment in them for their lack of Jericho promotion. Before you seal the envelope peel the label off of your peanut butter jar and enclose it in the envelope as a reminder of times past.

Yes, CBS, today its peanut butter jar labels.... tomorrow.... who knows. Jericho fans are capable of anything.

Idea from Callisto925 of Jericho Rally Point


Bill G said...

You can find the latest broadcast ratings here if you want to keep up with your favorite shows during the season.

Jericho Saved said...

Thanks for your comment. I love your website and will be referring to it often. Will be blogging it more too.