Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jericho Comes To the UK

From Rich at Copywrite Ink:

"Sure, I think Nielsen would have been better off, years ago, partnering with cable companies and giving consumers the opportunity to opt in with the Nielsen ratings system, which would have increased the sampling size. But they didn't. And now it seems it is becoming more difficult for one of America's best known research companies to leapfrog to the next system while installing old media meters."

"I do loves me some cross-pollination on my favorite shows.

Episode 6 of Jericho’s Season 2 will be directed by Scott Peters, according to the official Jericho production blog.

Who’s he? None other than the creator of The 4400.

In other news, the Jericho crew goes through 15 to 20 pots of coffee and 25 cases of bottled water a day."

Jericho Comes to the U.K.

Jericho is brand new to ITV4, Tuesdays from 3 October at 8pm

***Jericho Set Visit-A Few Spoilers***

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