Friday, November 16, 2007

Jericho, Whedon, and CBS

"Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who had any part in bringing us back for this second season. It’s been an unbelievable gift for us; hopefully we’ve managed to tell a——-hey there, Steve Scaia here, I’ve been watching poor ol’ Jon laboring at this blog entry for what seems like hours now, and I offered to step in and bring THIS thing in for a landing for him. If he were still coherent right now, I think he’d say something like this: “Thanks again for everything. You made all this possible. And I’ll think of you all fondly when I’m sailing around the Carribean in my solid gold yacht. Suckers.”

Joss Whedon says:
"The point of the meeting was that the WGA is aware of – and a little blown away by – the passion, tenacity, and organizational savvy of the online community. The “Jericho” nuts are the stuff of legend. Whedonesque and the creation of Fans4Writers were spoken of in awed whispers. I’m not kidding: one of the WGA workers asked me, “So, your fans. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?” I swear, having you guys in my corner is like being friends with Zorro. People in the community are amazed."

Quincy Smith,CBS Interactive President:

"Before Hulu hit the scene it garnered the misnomer of a "YouTube-killer." Now that it's been loosed on the masses, it's being hyped as the next big thing for broadcasters. According to CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith (pictured right), Hulu's success wasn't a fluke. During his keynote at today's NewTeeVee Live conference Smith explained how features like Hulu's clip heavy rotation have been carefully considered by the big broadcasters.

Right off the bat, Smith addressed the obvious question -- how does a competing network like CBS feel about the NBC/News Corp.-backed wunderkind? "People constantly ask us at CBS Interactive about Hulu," Smith fired off at his trademark machine gun pace. "Off the record? We love Hulu, and we talk a lot with Hulu. Our objective isn't to slam them. If we can't work together in contract then we can work together in philosophy."

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