Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writing For Peanuts

Rich of Copywrite Ink says,"The writers strike could be the perfect opportunity for Jericho fans to stop taking each other out on the CBS Jericho message boards, and begin to building a fan effort in support of the writers.

Such a move would only increase the exposure of the show before it returns in January by engaging all television fans about something they are passionate about. Fan crossover is somewhat proven to work. For the most part, there has been continuing cross over between the fans of Veronica Mars, Supernatural, and Jericho."

Rich adds, "Besides, Jericho fans may even have the best message if they were so inclined. What’s that?

Stop paying writers peanuts."

"Seven steps to a TV shutdown"

The number one step?

"1. "Rally the 'Jericho' fans--they brought a show back, they can take one out."

I have to agree. Thank Rich.

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