Saturday, November 10, 2007

Supernatural: We Are Fandom

From Hancoll: Jericho and Supernatural Fan

"Today, we're kicking off a new project that's like nothing we've done before. In fact, we're not sure it's ever been done before:

here are lots of different fandoms online, and some of them are in the same boat we're in -- their show is in danger of not coming back, or has already been cancelled. We've all seen 'Save Our Show' campaigns mounted by hopeful fandoms, and some of them seem to be successful. At their core, those fandoms are a lot like us, and they need the same thing we need -- viewers. So we thought, what if we combined our numbers? Why not get fans of a couple of shows working together to support both shows? Both shows will benefit, both fandoms will benefit.

The first fandom we thought of was "Jericho". Last spring, their fans waged a campaign to save their show that was so successful that CBS actually uncancelled the show. The day CBS announced "Jericho" would come back thanks to the fans' efforts, I decided I had to check out the show for myself. Any show that engendered such passion from its fans was a show I wanted to find out about. I watched it, and I liked it. I thought other Supernatural fans would like it as well, and that Jericho fans would probably like Supernatural, and started imagining how both shows could gain from a combined effort. We need to increase our ratings, and Jericho fans need to keep working in hopes that CBS will give them more than the eight episodes they were given."

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Monica said...

Jane, thank you so much for posting this! I'm really hoping the idea takes off; I think it'll help both fandoms. :)