Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jericho: Margie and Edna

"Margie & Edna have a message for CBS"

"Anyhow, since Jericho’s been jerked around all over the place since being brought back for a second season, Margie and Edna are back to talk about loyalty and neighborliness."

Anyone Loves TV
I haven't seen this blog before today.

DIGG chat in Jeritopia

Friday - November 9th - 10 PM est

Everything you always wanted to know about Digg,
but were afraid to ask.

Yes, this is a Jericho chat room but everyone is welcome. You will have to register. Come see why Digg is so important to every fan of every show.

We will also be discussing having a Digg Day with the theme broadened to include topics of importance to and provided by multiple fandoms.

"A History of Fans Getting Their Show Back"

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