Monday, January 21, 2008

CBS: Promoting Jericho

"Some of the best news since the announcement that there was to be a second season of Jericho, is the fact that CBS is really promoting the second season of Jericho. We all know that this has a lot to do with the fact there is very little content on TV due to the strike, and that CBS is trying to really play the fan card. However I am very happy to report that while watching the AFC Divisional Games and AFC Championship Game on CBS there was plenty of promotion for the upcoming second season of Jericho. Hopefully the promotion brings in great numbers for the start of Season 2 of Jericho"

"We spend a lot of time watching TV shows. A few our TiVo catches and the rest I stream from the laptop to the Xbox 360. We just don’t have the time to spend watching tv when the networks want us to so we hardly ever watch live tv. I recently got Season 1 of Jericho. I had heard of Jericho but had never watched it and didn’t know much about it. After reading that a few people I follow were excited for season 2 and reading more about the show it grabbed my attention. So, we had to get season one. We are about half way through the season and I gotta say its an awesome show. I’m lovin’ the characters, the plot, the mystery and the sub-plots. We hope to finish season one in time for season two. Another show that I have never watched but just got the first season of is ‘Dexter’. We plan to start watching it after we finish Jericho."

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