Monday, January 14, 2008

Jericho: DVD Review

Jericho DVD Review

"For a while it looked like this DVD release was going to be Jericho: The Complete Series. That would have been quite annoying as Jericho ended on a cliffhanger, with lots of questions still to resolve. Fortunately, the show had a fairly dedicated fanbase and was provided with the perfect angle for a show-saving campaign. As much as I (and many other people) really liked Jericho, if it had not been for the whole "Nuts" thing, Jericho almost certainly would not have gotten a second season. As luck would have it though, the "Nuts" bit provided a perfect avenue for fans to protest the show's cancellation in a tangible way.

While the series does get off to something of a slow start, it continually improves as the season progresses. The story is compelling, the characters are well-rounded and there are some surprising twists along the way."

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