Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tell CBS What You Watch

Become a member of the First Watch! today by taking the survey and answering a few questions about Watch! and yourself. As a thank you for your time, you will be entered to win one of 10 boxed sets of CBS DVDs!

One of the questions asks what you watch on CBS, and although Jericho is not on the list there is a write in space. The survey asks lots of demographic and marketing questions, so this tells CBS a lot about each viewer.

You may also write in the names of your favorite actor/actress on CBS.

"Here's where you come in. CBS needs to know that the serialized and complex nature of Jericho is not a turn-off for the average TV viewer. Beyond that, CBS needs to know that the political nature of the show, and the implications of the show are interesting to a large majority of people, I'd imagine, at the least, to the readers of this here blog.

If you're looking for something to capture your imagination, without having to know physics and math, you might want to give Jericho a try. If you like the pacing of Heroes, but found it just a little too slap-stick and light-hearted, Jericho has what you're looking for.

So, gather here each week as I walk us into the walls of Jericho. Know that every episode you watch on will contribute to the cause, and send CBS a clear message, like the Israelites sent Jericho a clear message marching around the walls of the once-great city."

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