Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jericho and Broken Ratings

Fri. night ratings:

The ratings are very odd this week. First, Nielsen had "technical difficulties" so the Fast Nationals weren't released until today. Secondly, it was reported by numerous people that their affiliates showed a movie instead of Jericho so who knows what the numbers really are?

I am in agreement with savejake who says,
"Don't you think those numbers are odd. It shows that even GW gains another 1/2 million for the end of the show. Then at 9PM all the networks lose several million viewers...only to see them all return at 10PM................???
So, do we turn our TV's on at 8:30, then off at 9, then back on at 10PM?
Is that the normal viewing pattern for our Nielsen Families? They watch only the end of a 60 minute show no matter what channel it's on...just to turn off the TV at 9PM. Then we sit down and watch TV from 10-11PM....on Friday night....!!!!!
Does anyone else find this strange or is it me? Eight to ten million people turned their television off for an hour............. ?"

While we're on the subject of ratings here's an interesting article that discuses the measurement of TV and online viewers and rates the quality and quantity of viewers for shows like Jericho, Lost, and The Black Donnellys. There are excellent charts too. The author says, " The TV ratings system is broken. Everyone knows it, but nobody wants to admit it."

That hits the nail on the head. Wake up Moonves.

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