Thursday, July 26, 2007

Digg, Jericho, and Ziki

To Submit a New Link To Digg:

1. Click ( top right of page) on Submit A New Story.
2. Is your story on topic? Make sure your story is appropriate for the topic you're submitting it to.
3.Link Directly to the Source: Save people time by linking directly to the original news story. (Will ask for URL of story)
4.Search First: Avoid duplication by searching to ensure nobody has submitted the same story.
5.Be Descriptive: You're the story's editor, so explain what it is and why it's cool.

Ziki-- Spreading The Word About Jericho

Ziki is a free way to search for information about a person based on published information available on the Web. Or search for a Jericho lover.

You can create a webpage for free (a ziki), on which all personal and relevant information – from a bio and resume to multimedia files and blog posts – can be stored. (Jericho photos)
* These official profiles can be tagged and searched through Ziki and other search engines.

Ziki members are guaranteed to appear in the first position of Google, Yahoo & MSN search results when their name is searched, because Ziki buys sponsored links. Ziki members can create, manage and optimize their online presence while controlling their image. Through Ziki, members can tag favorite community members, allowing them to create their own social, personal or professional networks.

Ziki lets you create an official webpage (a ziki) which is guaranteed to appear as a top search result on Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Ziki offers its members free networking with other members of the Ziki community – for personal or professional connections.

Ziki lets you compile all your relevant information – links to other social and professional profiles, resumes, blogs, personal Web sites, online portfolios and more.

Whether you’re looking to promote a freelance service, a professional online profile, or a centralized page to share photos, home videos and blog posts with family and friends, Ziki is for you!

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