Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jericho News To Use


The annual Comic-Con Convention starts this coming week and Seat42f will be there reporting live from San Diego with multiple updates daily. They will have all the scoop and pics from the the various after hours events shows are putting on as well as TONS of photos, news and cast interviews from the daily panel sessions.
"Which show are you looking for the most Seat42f coverage on at Comic Con?" On the right- please vote for Jericho.
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Another way to spread the word!!!
coRank is the first service on the net where you can create a site about any topic you like so that:

* Whenever you find something interesting on the net about Jericho (an article, photo, video, etc) you could add it and save it.
* Other people also interested in Jericho can, if you allow it, submit to your site their own "discoveries" about that topic.
* We all can post comments, vote whether we liked each submitted item, etc. And a lot more!!
You don't need a coRank account if all you want is to browse through the stories, sites and comments submitted by other coRank users.

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