Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Veronica Mars: Buddy Swap

Special Announcement:

Buddy Swap

Neptune Rising (Veronica Mars) has some members that are willing to do a "buddy swap" to where they will buddy up with someone from another show and watch each others shows and communicate with their "buddy" about the show.
Can I get 3 or 4 people willing to watch Veronica Mars and buddy with their fans?

Please leave a comment if you can help. Thanks.

"Jericho Kansas Inc. (JKI) is pleased to announce:

* Our website is now open. Visit us at Registration on our site allows you to be eligible for our drawings (see below). You can register on our home page. Please remember to complete the verification of the registration process.

One of the goals of the site is to function as a resource for the entire Jericho community. The feature which most demonstrates this is ‘The Jericho Telegraph.’ This hub is an announcement center and research base for the Jericho Community where anyone can add to or peruse our viewable and searchable database.

The JKI website also has a games section and a small chat room. The website will continue to be updated with additional features.

* Our first drawing is for a personalized holiday card from Brad Beyer. You must register by December 1st to be included in the drawing.

* Our second drawing is for a copy of the Target special edition Jericho DVD. You must register by January 1st to be included in the drawing."

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